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Mask Covers

Fashionable mask to wear over N95 mask !! These face masks contain 2 layers of fabric: a cotton interior and a polyester exterior. Fabric on Inside: 100% Cotton; Fabric on outside: 84% Polyester/ 16% spandex exterior . Note: Disclaimer*" "Not medical grade. Not comparable to N95 masks" 🚨🚨ALERT!! ALERT!!🚨🚨 FACE COVERS/ MASKS Wearing a face cover/mask does not ensure you will not contract the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. What wearing a face cover/mask that covers your nose and mouth can do is greatly limit the chance that you contract the virus or that you spread it to others if you are infected — a possibility even if you are asymptomatic. Because COVID-19 is spread primarily by the small droplets expelled during a sneeze or cough but can even be transferred by regular exhalation or speaking in close proximity, wearing face covers/masks, along with gloves and proper hand washing, are an essential way to give yourself the best chance of staying safe and of doing your part for the greater public health fight against this virus. That is, they give you the best chance of staying safe and limiting spread if you must go out at all. (Treasures of Beauty )makes no medical claims for this item. Note:: rectangle mask only cover your nose and mouth Size rectangle mask: 4x7 Hexagon: 4.25 x8 ( Notice: " mask cannot be exchanged)
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